Natural Treatment For Erectile Dysfunction

by Steve Wagner

Erectile dysfunction is not something that most men are comfortable talking about, which makes it an even bigger problem. Instead of seeking professional help, they try to cope with it on their own until eventually they have no other choice. Then they turn to dangerous drugs for treatment. Well, there are treatments for erectile dysfunction that are natural. But first we have to understand what erectile dysfunction is and what causes it.

To understand what causes erectile dysfunction, we first have to understand what causes an erection. Erections are actually caused by a series of events. The first thing that happens is that the senses are stimulated. This usually takes the form of visual stimulation but can also be physical in nature. The brain then sends messages through the body which in turn sends blood down to the down to the penis. This blood flow causes the penis to expand, which is what causes the erection.

Erectile dysfunction occurs when one of these processes does not work as it should. The first process is the nerve centers sending impulses to the brain, spinal cord and area around the penis. In some cases, there can be damage to the nerves themselves. This will stop the erection process right at the start. This damage can come from a number of sources such as disease, injury or even surgery. If a man has had any form of prostate surgery, there is a chance that nerves around the penis have been damaged. Some medications, such as blood pressure medicine and even decongestants or aspirin can also cause erectile dysfunction.

And then of course there are emotional factors. Stress can cause erectile dysfunction as well as the pressure to perform. Sometimes the problem is a chain event of circumstances. At the start, the problem may be related to a drug that has been taken for a particular illness. After drug therapy stops, the man is now faced with worry and concern that he'll be back to "normal" again. Sometimes this pressure can cause the problem to continue and things just snowball from there. Once a man's mind is more concerned with performance than simply enjoying time with his partner, it is very difficult to get back on track. This is when most men finally turn to dangerous drugs like Viagra.

Before turning to dangerous drugs, there are alternatives, many of them. For starters, there is psychotherapy. Sometimes just talking with a professional can work wonders. If that doesn't work then there is nutrition. There are a number of lifestyle changes related to diet that can work wonders for your E.D. Just send me an email and I'll be happy to send you my nutritional regiment.

But probably one of the most important things is exercise. There is a book that has an excellent exercise regiment that has a very high success rate for curing E.D. as long as there is no physical damage. So have yourself examined first, but DON'T take any dangerous drugs. There is no need for it. If you're interested in this great book of exercises specifically made to focus on the genital area, you can check out ""Erection Mastery" on our products page.

You don't have to suffer from E.D. anymore.

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