Premature Body Rot

by Dr. Joe and Steve Wagner

Don't be suprised by this statement but your body begins to rot even before you die. It's true. A person's body begins to rot while they are living in it. But there is something we can do to preven this from happending. It's time to detox your body NOW.

How so you say? Let me introduce you to Gaston Naessens, a modern day researcher. He discovered that bacteria do not stay in one form, but rather, they go through life cycles of various forms depending on the state of the environment of the body or of the "soil" of the animal or human being. Have you ever heard of this concept of pleomorphism (many forms) of an organism? The living, dynamic changes of microorganisms can only be observed in live tissues, such as a live drop of blood or water or body fluid.

Unfortunately, much of the research that became established in the medical and bacteriology fields was done on dead, stained tissues. Of course, there, you only see one form of an organism (monomorphism). A bacteria appears as a rod shape or a circular shape called a coccus. It is much easier to categorize diseases and microorganisms if they simply stay in one form. Believing in monomorphism (an organism stays in one form) in some ways is conceptually simpler for people to deal with. Then, scientists can find "the cure" for one form of an organism and therefore they hope to eradicate disease in that way of thinking.

Unfortunately, monomorphism became entrenched in the thinking of the Western world when Louis Pasteur put forth the germ theory of disease, one germ, one disease, one cure. But life is not that simple, even though we all (including doctors) would like to believe in it.

Monomorphism encourages victim consciousness in us. The disease is out to get us. We have no control. We are not responsible for our health. We give all our healing power over to our doctors and society through the quest for ever more specialized medical care and more and more drugs. But are we feeling any better?

With more scientific enlightenment, perhaps you will discover that you can become responsible for your own well being, that you can throw victim consciousness out the window.

Let's look at what Gaston Naessens discovered. Gaston Naessens developed his Somatoscope, a light microscope that allowed optical enlargements of 30,000 diameters. The current light microscopes at that time could only enlarge to 2,000 times. Because the Somatoscope was a light microscope, it did not destroy the tissue being studied. Naessens could view living organisms in blood and fluids. Electron microscopes used in most research now can magnify 100,000 times, but they cannot study the specimens in their natural, living state.

Naessens saw minute particles in substances he studied with this amazing microscope. He named these particles somatids. They are tiny points of light that move around in blood samples in animals, juices of plants, and particles of rocks. They are extremely small, smaller than a cell. They are living, and they reproduce and are critical to existence.

In Naessens' experiments, he found that the somatids are indestructible even at temperatures of 200 degrees centigrade or after 50,000 rems of nuclear radiation or treatment with acid. There was no way Naessens could kill them.

When their host dies, the somatids return to the earth, where they may live forever. Naessens believes that without somatids, there would be no life. He also feels they are the precursors of our DNA and that they actually lead to the creation of the DNA. They, by nature, are electrical, having a charge on each particle. They seem to condense energy.

The somatids living in us are just waiting to return us to the soil (rot us) when they get the signal that our body is dead. If we eat inferior food, sleep little, become toxic and are dis-stressed, these somatids receive the signal that it's time to rot, return the body to the soil even when we’re still alive!

Naessens also found that the somatids go through a life cycle. When the body is healthy and in balance (homeostasis), they go through three normal stages. However, in unhealthy people, the somatids go through an additional 13 cycles. As they proceed through the 16 pleomorphic cycles, they go from healthy to unhealthy forms. From the fourth to the eleventh cycle, they appear in rod-shaped bacterial form. As they go into the twelfth cycle, they become yeast forms which then proceed to be yeast with a tree-like structure growing out of them called mycelia as they go into the fourteenth and fifteenth cycle. At the sixteenth cycle, they burst and form the somatids again that are the number one stage of the cycle. These little somatids can go through this whole 16-stage cycle within as little as 92 hours.

If a person cleans up their internal and external environment so the soil, or terrain, of the body is healthy, then this pathological cycle of the somatids can stop and return to the healthy, three-stage cycle.

However, if the factors causing body poisoning are not stopped, then the blood develops bacteria-like forms, yeast-like forms, and mycelium-like forms. Then, cells cannot develop properly, and health is compromised, leading to a suppressed immune system. Out of that chronic, degenerative diseases develop; diseases like chronic candidiasis, leukemia, multiple sclerosis, fibromyalgia, cancer, and lupus.

Antoine Bechamp (1816-1908) , a contemporary of Pasteur, also discovered the pleomorphism of organisms. He named these tiny life forms microzyma. Bechamp's last page of The Blood and Its Third Anatomical Element summarized what he had been researching for years in a very dramatic way. "After death, it is essential that matter is restored to its primitive condition, for it has only been lent for a time to the living, organized being. . . . The living being, filled by microzymas, carries in himself the elements essential for life, for disease, for death, and for destruction. This variety in results may not too much surprise us. The processes are the same. Our [cells], it is matter of constant observation, are being continually destroyed by means of a fermentation very analogous to that which follows death. Penetrating into the heart of these phenomena we might say, were it not for the offensiveness of the expression, that we are constantly rotting."

Is that "a wakeup call"? Are you allowing your body to rot faster than it should? How does body rot manifest? Generally body rot manifests at first as some kind of annoying symptom like headaches, joint pain, intestinal gas, pain or indigestion, or a pain somewhere else in the body. The more you rot, the more symptoms you manifest until you are labeled (commonly know as diagnosed) with a disease name like chronic Candidiasis, heart disease, cancer, lupus, fibromyalgia, allergies, etc.

If you have a lot of yeast overgrowth with symptoms of gas, bloat, indigestion, food intolerances, chronic vaginal yeast or jock itch, etc., you will be labeled as having Chronic Candidiasis. The inclination then may be to treat you with anti-fungal drugs like nystatin, Diflucan, Nizoral or Sporanox. In Dr. Bessie Jo Tillman’s clinical experience those drug agents tended to push the yeast-fungal organisms to a more virulent form that was even harder to treat. These drugs became another factor that contributed to the somatids moving into the 16 stage cycle of body rot which made the yeast problems even worse.

To overcome the yeastie-beasties, patients had to implement a very healthy lifestyle that returned their tissues to a non-rotting state. That included eating the best quality vegetables, meats and low gluten grains initially and then adding in fruit and nuts when the digestive tract was healed. They had to cleanse the bowel, liver and kidneys, add normal bacterial flora to their system, avoid food and environmental allergens and clean up their environment.

Often their tissues needed detoxification of pollutants, heavy metals and chemicals. When the cells and tissues of the body became free of toxins and well nourished, the yeastie-beasties could no longer grow and the patients felt great. It's the toxic condition of the body tissues that allows unfriendly organisms to grow in the body.

Most other degenerative diseases respond to this same clean up of the body.

Occurrence of over-growth of any unfriendly organism is called dysbiosis. "Dys" means not in harmony or disharmony. "Biosis" means life forms. So dysbiosis means that life forms live together in disharmony, an uncomfortable state to say the least.

Symbiosis means life forms live together in harmony, often providing nourishment or support for one another.

Hundreds of bacteria and yeast live in your intestines. Your lifestyle determines whether they help you or harm you. You can choose to live in dysbiosis or symbiosis.

Are you beginning to understand that germs are not flying around in the air ready to attack you? That your body contains somatids that can turn to "germs" when your lifestyle causes degeneration of your tissues. Accordingly somatids return to a healthy state when you clean up your act.

Can we change the "soil" of our body, or the internal environment or terrain, into a healthy, fertile, vibrant environment that supports normal somatid cycles to keep us healthy?

Or are you complacently going to continue to believe that you are a victim of the germs that are out there in the environment to get you like Pasteur thought? I hope not. Be encouraged that you can take charge, that there are things you can do to prevent disease? It's your choice. Do you want to putrefy gradually, slowly, and miserably until you die, or would you like to be vibrantly alive and well until you die?

If you're ready to finally clean up your body, on our products page is Dr Jo's book "No Hassle Bowel Cleanse" which is an Internet best seller. Please do yourself a favor and visit her site. There's no need to let your body rot away any longer.

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