Natural Treatments For Yeast Infections

by Steve Wagner

Let's be honest. Yeast infections are not something that women like to openly talk about and with good reason. So many suffer in silence until it gets to the point where they have to go to a doctor. Hopefully, this article will educate you slightly as to what a yeast infection actually is and how you can cure it without harmful drugs. After all, that is our ultimate goal.

A vaginal yeast infection is an abnormal growth of yeast cells in the vagina. These infections are most common in women who are in their child bearing years, but they can happen at any age. The good news is, they rarely lead to any serious health problems. The bad news is, they can be quite uncomfortable and the standard medical treatments can have some nasty side effects and don't always work.

How does one know when a yeast infection is present? Well, the most common symptoms are vaginal itching, which can at times be very severe, vaginal discharge, which is usually white, red skin around the opening to the vagina, pain while urinating or touching the skin, and pain in the vagina during sexual intercourse. These symptoms are more likely to occur one week before the menstrual cycle begins.

Most vaginal yeast infections clear up on their own, but in some cases this doesn't happen and treatment is needed. This is where modern medicine and naturalists differ greatly. And even with that, there are times when modern medicine even tells you that it is best not to do anything, such as when you're pregnant because these treatments can be harmful to the baby. Think about what they can do to you in the process.

In the rare cases where your yeast infection is serious you will develop symptoms such as a high fever over 101. You may also experience lower abdominal pain with this fever. Fortunately, these symptoms usually don't occur until you've actually had the yeast infection for some time. So the best time to treat it is in the early stages.

Traditional treatments include over the counter and prescription medications, in the cases where the yeast infection is serious. But all these treatments have side effects and unfortunately, don't always work. So the question is, what do you do? Do you just have to suffer with this condition?

The answer is no. A well known nutritionist, health consultant and researcher by the name of Linda Allen has come out with a book called "Yeast Infection No More" which is an Internet best seller. The reason is simple. The methods in her book are natural and they work. It took her 7 years of study and research to come up with these treatments. No, it didn't happen overnight. One of the things that she discovered was that while some of the drugs used to kill yeast infections do work, they actually make things worse for you in the long run.

So please do yourself a favor and check out her book on our products page. You don't have to suffer with your yeast infection any longer.

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