Natural Cancer Cure

by Steve Wagner

The first question people ask is, "What causes cancer?" Unfortunately, there is no easy answer to that question because there are over 200 different kinds of cancers that affect the human body. True, we usually only hear about the more common ones like breast cancer, lung cancer, throat cancer and so on. But a book on the number of cancers there are and their causes would make "War And Peace" look like a short story.

The problem is, what affects one person's body may not affect another. Therefor, you can subject two different people to the same conditions and you'll get two completely different results. That's why some people can smoke their whole lives and never get cancer while others can develop the disease within a very short period of time. Plus, exposure to the sun can give you skin cancer but won't give you lung cancer.

Cancer, like most diseases is what is called multifunctional. This means that there are many possible causes for the disease. Modern medicine is discovering new causes for various types of cancer all the time. The research in this area is never ending, which is why billions of dollars a year is spent on cancer research.

There are other factors involved when it comes to understanding why a person gets cancer. For example, there are what are called carcinogens. These are external things like smoking that are known to cause cancer. Yet, not everyone who smokes gets cancer. So there must be other factors. Age is also a factor. Most cancers are more common as we get older. Yet, there are children with cancer, so that is not the only factor. The list of factors goes on, including genetic makeup, a person's immune system, diet, day to day environment and viruses. Yes, some viruses can cause cancer such as cervical cancer.

Because of all these factors, modern medicine has a difficult time in determining not only what is causing all the different types of cancer but also how to treat them. Because of this, we are subjected to harmful drugs, radiation and chemotherapy. All of this in spite of the fact that cancer experts agree that diet can greatly reduce your risk of getting cancer.

And that is really the focus of this article, a natural cure for cancer.

If you read one of our other articles on how modern medicine is killing us, you now understand how doctors don't have all the answers. Having said that, there are people in this world who have made a study of many diseases and have concluded that there are indeed natural ways of treating many diseases, such as cancer, and have set out to find those ways.

On our products page you will find a book written by Karon Beattie that contains over 350 natural treatments for various forms of cancer. It is probably the most important product we promote because cancer is one of the worst diseases affecting the world today. Please take the time to at least go to their site and check out her "Natural Cancer Treatments book." If you're suffering from cancer, or know somebody who is, it could be the best gift you can give them or yourself.

Cancer CAN be cured naturally and safely.

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