Modern Medicine Is Killing Us

by Steve Wagner

Many of us think of some of the past tragedies in human history, such as the attack on the World Trade Center that claimed thousands of lives, as the worst kind of tragedy. Unfortunately, there is an even greater tragedy in the United States that people aren't aware of. It's the tragedy of what the drug companies and prescription drugs are doing to us.

It is estimated that there are over 750,000 deaths a year in the United States alone because of prescription drug use and other medical related items. These people are dying because of very common medical mistakes such as misdiagnosis and wrong prescriptions given. The only thing we ever hear about is how modern medicine is saving lives. What we don't hear is how modern medicine is also taking many more lives.

The cost of all these mistakes is astronomical. It is estimated that the United States spends about $282 million a year on these medical mistakes. And the truth is, that estimate is very conservative because only a small fraction of medical errors are reported. The reason for this is because doctors are afraid of losing their license to practice medicine. And because the public is so clueless about what is going on, they blindly walk into a doctor's office, not realizing the danger that they're in. We've been conditioned to accept that conventional medicine is the only way to treat our physical problems.

An even more alarming statistic, that nobody is talking about, is that over one million patients are injured in hospitals each year and about 280,000 of them actually die. This actually shatters the annual death rate of automobile accidents and surpasses the death rate of all accidents combined. And these figures were before the big Vioxx recall of a few years back. Nobody is quite sure just how many Vioxx related deaths there have been because the matter still isn't settled.

You would think with the rising cost of healthcare, patients would be getting better care than ever, meaning that at the very least when a doctor prescribes something it has a better chance of healing than killing. Yet, out of the estimated 750,000 deaths each year, over 100,000 of them are because of prescription drugs that were incorrectly prescribed. This is also a very conservative number because many deaths are unreported. It is believed that the true number is closer to 200,000 prescription drug related deaths a year.

But the biggest problem is really the way we're conditioned. We have a little indigestion after dinner so we head for the antacid. We have a headache so we head for the aspirin or other pain killer. We have allergies so we run for an antihistamine. Anything that is physically wrong with us we decide to "fix" the problem with a drug rather than to get to the root of the problem and maybe just try some life style changes first, like proper diet and exercise.

The only way this cycle is going to break is if we break it, which means taking control of our lives. How do we do this? Simple. We eat right, exercise and seek alternative treatments for our problems before we turn to dangerous drugs that are killing us.

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